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Sunday, 15 July 2018

If you’re ‘technology agnostic’ you’re committing a climate crime: Bandt

Greens Acting Leader and climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that the myth peddled by Malcolm Turnbull and the ACCC that energy policy should be "technology agnostic" is committing a climate crime.

“When it comes to electricity, if you’re “technology agnostic” you’re committing a climate crime. Coal kills. Renewables don’t,” said Mr Bandt.

“To prevent dangerous global warming, we need to get out of coal and into renewables.

“We need policy that will cut power prices by replacing dirty coal with clean, cheap solar and wind.

“Instead, we now have this Trump-like proposal to axe support to renewables, offer support to new coal and dress it all up as being “technology agnostic”.

“Using public money to subsidise coal is like taking money from the health budget and giving it to a tobacco company.”

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