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Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Scientists say we must rapidly phase out coal says Greens MP Buckingham

ENOUGH ALREADY! Scientists say we must rapidly phase out coal, yet NSW continues to approve new coal mines. 

Check out and share this video where I outline the Greens' serious plan to phase out thermal coal in the next 10 years, limiting the amount of coal that can be mined to 1 billion tonnes.

Australia is the world's largest coal exporter, accounting for a whopping 38.3% of global seaborne coal exports! Ending coal exports from Australia is the biggest single contribution we could make to stopping climate change. Over 90% of the coal we mine is for export so, even if we change our domestic electricity generation to 100% renewable, if we continue coal mining our contribution to global warming will still be massive. 

The Greens plan would:

 * Cap the amount of thermal coal that can be mined in NSW over the next decade at one billion tonnes. After 10 years all thermal coal mines would be closed in NSW;

 * Require mining companies to take part in a competitive auction to purchase the right to mine coal in line with caps during the phase out period;

 * Allocate mining royalties earned during the phase out to a transition fund for affected workers and regional economies.

 * Legislate to ensure that no compensation is payable to coal mining and fossil fuel exploration companies. Investors have been aware of the potential impact of addressing climate change on their industry for many decades. 

No action will see 2 billion tonnes of coal mined in NSW over the next decade. We have a climate emergency and the failure by successive governments to act earlier means we need a rapid transition. Every day we delay will make the transition harder and the consequences of climate change worse. 

Published on Mar 26, 2018

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