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Friday, 16 March 2018

Late last night Labor voted with the Coalition in NSW Parliament to rush through new gambling legislation that locks in the highest density of poker machines in the country and increases gambling harm, according to The Greens.

Analysis by the NSW Greens estimates proposed changes to poker machine laws in NSW will significantly slow the reduction in total poker machine numbers in NSW and boost profits for NSW clubs and pubs by an estimated more than $80 million a year by 2020.

Greens MLC and Gambling Harm spokesperson Justin Field said it was disappointing Labor had supported the passing of law changes in favour of the pokies industry.

"These new laws have all but been written by the pokies industry and show the extent that Labor and the Liberal/Nationals act in their vested interests in NSW," Mr Field said today.

"The laws lock in club and pub profits and gambling harm that is directly linked to financial hardship, family breakdown, domestic violence and suicide.

"Labor claims it represents working families but today it has refused to recognise the massive social harm caused by the 95,000 poker machines in NSW.

"How can Labor justify the extraordinary position where the party takes a strong stand against pokies in Tasmania, while doing the bidding of the industry in the state with the most poker machines in Australia?

"It's clear the Clubs industry own the Coalition, but I'm calling on Labor Leader Luke Foley to put people before pokies in NSW by ruling out any Memorandum of Understanding with Clubs NSW before the next state election.

"It's time for NSW Labor to break the stranglehold of the pokies industry and do the right thing for people and communities," he said.

You can view the current MOU between the NSW Government and Clubs NSW here:

15 March 2018

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