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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Searching for Adani - fly on the wall documentary with Greens MPs Jeremy Buckingham & Dawn Walker

Be a fly on the wall as two Greens MPs travel in search of the site of the giant Adani coal mine in central Qld. Dawn Walker, MP and I went on an epic journey involving helping blockade construction of a coal railway, being confronted by Adani security, and getting arrested by Queensland police. We visited farmers, Traditional Owners, and climate activists to find out what they think about the proposed Adani mine.

Want to get involved? Here are five things you can do to help Stop Adani:
1. Take Direct Action, get up to Queensland to help with the blockade.
2. Donate to the Adani blockade.
3. Join a local Stop Adani group
4. Request a free Stop Adani sticker
You can also share the video on Facebook to help spread the word by sharing this video with friends and family.
Stop Adani!
Jeremy Buckingham
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Jeremy Buckingham MLC

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