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Friday, 22 December 2017

Dark day for river communities and Murray Darling Basin

Today is a dark day for the Murray Darling Basin in light of Queensland national MP David Littleproud taking on the water portfolio, and Victoria and NSW attempting to block delivering 450GL of desperately-needed environmental water, as previously agreed upon.

"South Australians who have been crying out for a change, and for the environmental needs of the Murray Darling Basin have been let down today by the Federal, Victorian and NSW governments," Greens water spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said.

"450GL of environmental water was promised under the MDB Plan to South Australia and must be delivered, despite what upstream state water ministers say. After hearing for months allegations of scandal, non-compliance, water theft and feathering the nests of greedy corporate irrigators while downstream communities suffer, this is another kick in the guts for downstream communities and the health of the river.

"Let's not forget the culture of cover up in the NSW Government  that allowed for large-scale water theft. They have been a major player in undermining the Plan, wasting billions of taxpayers' dollars and ripping off the environment in the process.

"The Prime Minister's reshuffle thumbs the nose to South Australians and the River Murray.

"Barnaby Joyce has become the Minister for Pork Barrelling for the National Party - despite his incompetence and bad behaviour as water minister. David Littleproud is Queensland Nationals stooge that will continue to do the bidding for big corporate irrigators at the expense of the environment and the river.

"Taxpayers will be feeling well and truly ripped off today after the $13 billion Murray Darling Basin Plan that was supposed to end the interstate water wars and preserve our nation's largest river system was undermined yet again."

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

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