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Friday, 1 December 2017

Choose Love

The Senate has passed the Marriage Equality bill! Next stop, the House of Representatives.

On November 29, the Senate has passed the Marriage Equality bill (43 votes to 12 votes). We are so close to making this law!
And thankfully, after hours of debate across the past three days, the Senate voted down ALL of the nasty amendments proposed by Liberals, Nationals, One Nation and the Liberal Democratic Party.

It’s clear that, across the chamber, the majority of senators from all sides of politics have heard that the Australian people want marriage equality in law. 

From here, the bill goes to the House of Representatives next week. This is an unusually long delay for such a significant piece of legislation -- normally it would go straight to the lower house as soon as it has been voted on in the Senate -- for which we can hold Malcolm Turnbull responsible.

Last week, PM Turnbull cancelled the House of Representatives’ sitting week in an act of pure political desperation, which means we will have to wait until next week for this to happen.

That’s it from us this week on the Marriage Equality bill. Next week we’ll keep you updated as the bill is introduced and debated in the House of Representatives.

Thank you for standing for equality and for love. We’re almost there!

Richard & Janet

PS – If you are wondering how the Marriage Equality bill becomes law after it passes the House of Representatives, check out the handy 10 step guide we made earlier this week (we are up to step 5).

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