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Sunday, 26 November 2017

Mehreen Faruqi wins Greens NSW Senate Preselection top spot

I’m honoured that Greens NSW members have selected me to be their lead Senate candidate at the next Federal election. I am so thankful to members for their support and the confidence they have put in me. 

I am so proud of our grassroots preselection process and thank the other candidates, Lee, Rachael and Abigail.

I’ve worked alongside Lee since I took up my role in NSW parliament and pay tribute to Lee for all the work she's done for the party and progressive politics. I really look forward to building on this legacy of the NSW Greens.


It is inspiring that so many of you share my vision for a bigger and more diverse party which stands ready to take on the challenges of climate change, economic inequality and neoliberalism.

I’m looking forward to making history and representing the Greens as the first Muslim woman in the Australian Senate (and dismantling face to face the divisive rhetoric of Pauline Hanson and One Nation).

With you, I’m ready to run our biggest ever campaign. We need to reach out to new communities, work with social movements, and embrace bold new policies and campaign techniques. We need to do this because the Greens must be heard loudly in Canberra.

We offer a real alternative to the politics-as-usual of Labor and the Liberals who continue to inflict cruelty on refugees, are greenlighting the Adani climate time bomb and are beholden to private corporations.

More than ever we need to be on the front foot, articulating a clear, progressive social and environmental agenda to the public.

There has never been a better time to vote Green. Now is the time to convince New South Wales to do so. I look forward to joining you on the campaign trail.

Mehreen Faruqi Facebook

SMH Article: Mehreen Faruqi defeats Lee Rhiannon after fierce battle for Greens Senate ballot


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