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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Your civil liberties under attack

"We should all be concerned when politicians are quick to rush to reduce our civil liberties, regardless of the stated intentions.

In the past few weeks, we’ve had announcements of a national facial recognition database and even the use of biometrics to access public transport in Queensland.

The NSW Premier said of the recent agreement by state and federal Governments to create a national ID database: “I think all of us have had to accept that our civil liberties from time to time aren't what they used to be in order to protect public safety”.

But this isn’t a question of safety, it is a question of leadership. It feels safe to say yes to law enforcement when they demand new powers, but we have more to lose than safety when politicians refuse to stand up for our freedom at times when we are most scared, especially if the fear is often being whipped up by politicians and the media.

We can’t ever remove all risk from our lives … but we risk ending up in a gilded cage of our own making by trying? Safe but never free."

October 12
Justin Field

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