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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Premier needs to help the Richmond River

Greens Member for Ballina Tamara Smith has called on NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to oversee a co-ordinated State Government response to improving the health of the Richmond River.

"I have written to the Premier in support of Ballina Shire Council's request that she organise a State Government response to oversee the many different improvements needed to rehabilitate the 237km long Richmond and its tributaries," said Tamara Smith.

"The Richmond River is of national significance, it should not be left solely to local councils such as Ballina Shire Council or its ratepayers to bear the burden of rehabilitating a river that has been neglected  by State Government for decades.

"Wonderful community groups such as OzFish and LandCare have been using donations and volunteer help to try to improve riverbanks by replanting trees, but they need State Government help and funding.

"When I was a child, oyster farming was a viable industry in Ballina and my grandfather was an avid fisherman here. Mud and silt cover the riverbed and tourists complain they are disappointed with the fishing. Invasive weeds are destroying native vegetation, adding to riverbank erosion and muddying the waters with soil.

"Introduced carp species are causing further damage. The oysters are gone, with very few able to survive. This in turn limits the river's natural filtration system.

We need funding and co-ordination at a State Government level to bring the Richmond back to a healthy level and to restore the wildlife in and around the river.

"Improving the health of the river will be good for fishing, and great for tourism. I call on the Premier to act now," said Ms Smith.

18 October 2017

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