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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

ACCC rubbishes Lib/Nats' war on renewables

Today the consumer watchdog, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), has called BS on the government’s war on renewables and confirmed that power prices are out of control because big power companies are gaming the electricity system, not because of renewable energy. 

If Tony Abbott and Malcolm Turnbull were serious about cutting power bills and reducing pollution, they would stop rigging the rules of the energy market. Instead they need to drive down power bills by re-regulating prices and get more cheap, clean renewables in the grid, more solar panels on rooftops and more batteries in homes and businesses.

Australians overwhelmingly want investment in renewables to reduce pollution, lower their power bills and provide thousands of new jobs. Share our post on Facebook to send the Libs a message: it’s time the government gets with the program!

The government doesn’t have a plan for climate change. For years, all they’ve done is take things off the table: they’ve ruled out emissions intensity schemes, a price on carbon, a renewable energy target and (from tomorrow) a clean energy target. After taking a wrecking ball to the climate, it's hard to see what they've got left to protect our childrens' future.

The solutions are simple, if the PM has the guts to take on his predecessor and the anti-renewables dinosaurs holding the government to ransom: more renewable generation in the energy market to bring prices down, new technologies to fix the problems driving prices up and energy price regulation to provide financial relief in the short-term. 

Businesses, investors and the community all want the government to get their act together and invest in renewables. Only this anti-renewables government is holding up progress -- and that’s why they’re nose-diving in the polls. Join us and send a loud, clear message to the PM: invest in renewables NOW!

Richard Di Natale & Adam Bandt

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