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Friday, 17 June 2016

Renegotiate Agreement on Skills Training to save TAFE

The Greens are calling on all political parties to sign up to renegotiating the National Partnership Agreement on Skills Reform, due to expire in June 2017 under the following principles: 

 ·      The renegotiation of the National Skills Agreement with contestability removed and replaced with a clear and unambiguous preference for public money to be directed to public providers

·      A commitment in NSW for 100% of all public VET funding to go publicly owned and run TAFEs, with money being diverted to private providers only where TAFEs are unable to provide the course, and

·      Full public funding for Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses at TAFE and an end to the VET-FEE Help income-contingent loan scheme 

Recent data (http://www.education.gov.au/vet-fee-help-statistics) shows that it costs 7 times the amount of public money to educate students through private colleges than it does to educate them through the public TAFE system. On average, it costs $73,200 (of public money) to educate a private VET student and $10,500 for a public TAFE student

• TAFE has significantly higher completion rates than private colleges, with a success rate of 87% compared to just 44% for private providers

In 2014, TAFE educated 47% of VET students nationwide, yet received only 20% of VET FEE-HELP loans. The other 80% went to private providers

• In 2014 average VET tuition fees grew nationally by 28.9%. The average tuition fee in NSW grew from $9,928 in 2013 to $13,094 in 2014 – nearly 32%.”

June 16

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