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Monday, 6 June 2016

The Greens Announce a Regional Health Plan

Carol Vernon, Greens candidate for Cowper said:  

“All Australians, no matter where they live or what they earn, should share equally in the benefits of our health system. 

“Successive governments have chosen to neglect our health - they’d rather wait until people are in crisis, than invest early.

 “The Greens see health as an investment, not a cost. Ensuring that our health system will always be accessible, affordable and universal is our priority because patients must be at the heart of the system.
“Spending more on health care is not unsustainable - it is a matter of priorities, and the Greens choose to prioritise good health care.
“We can choose to close major tax loopholes and then invest in healthcare, so that we can take advantage of new life-enhancing treatments, improve access to health services and reduce out-of-pocket costs.
 “The Greens will invest $1.4 billion in mental health over the next four years.
Janet Rice, Greens senator said:  

“Funding our regional mental health services must be seen as an investment, not a cost,”
“The Greens are taking action, with a fully costed mental health plan that would attract and encourage more mental health workers in regional Australia and improve the skills of the workforce already there.”
“This much-needed boost would take the pressure off the already overworked mental health workers, allowing them to have more of a focus on health promotion, as well as prevention and early diagnosis of mental ill health.”
“The Greens are committed to an accessible, universal mental health system, regardless of location or income.”
Senator Richard Di Natale said:
“The Greens will be investing 4 billion into hospitals.
“As a doctor, it has always been a frustration of mine that health care and hospitals are often talked about as a “cost” by politicians - and not as an investment.

“Our health is our most valuable resource – investing in our health means investing in our families, our communities and our economy. That's why today The Australian Greens have announced our plan to invest $4 billion into public hospitals" 
1.     A new mental health policy. Greens were we would be investing $1.4 billion in mental health over the next four years. Check out all the details on our website http://greens.org.au/mental-health

State Population ('000)*
% of Oz population
Regional Population ('000s)^
% of Oz regional population
$m's specifically for regional workforce and services
Total $m's (which includes regional)


Note: The funding formula may slightly alter these numbers

2. Hospital Funding: 

Break down of funding per state
Scaled portion they receive of existing $2.9b
Extra funding we would inject (on top of $2.9b)
Total funding Greens committing to per state to 2020

3. More information about Greens Health Initiatives: http://greens.org.au/prep

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