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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Federal takeover would push TAFE NSW out of the frying pan into the fire

 Proposal for the federal takeover of skills education funding would push TAFE in NSW even closer to privatisation, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

('Education revolution', Sydney Morning Herald, 23 September, page 1, http://j.mp/smh150923VET)

Dr Kaye said: "Federal governments, both Labor and Liberal-National, have been even worse news for TAFE than their state colleagues.

"TAFE is less damaged in NSW than in any other state, largely because the market was imposed here later and with a few more temporary restraints.

"It can still be saved and rebuilt, deposited the job losses, the buildings at risk of sale, the cuts to course hours and the deletion of courses and support functions.

"A federal takeover would inevitably align NSW with the other states.

"It would be the certain and immediate end of the few remaining meagre limits on public money disappearing into the profits of the corporate training providers.

"The TAFE systems in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland are now minority providers of government-funded skills education.

"A competition-policy-obsessed Turnbull government would accelerate the descent into a privatised low-quality, low-waged training sector.

"Stopping the Baird-Grant government's Smart and Skilled training market would allow TAFE in this state to recover and become the springboard for a regrowth of public systems across the country.

"A federal takeover would be the last straw that would push NSW TAFE into the margins.

"Students, the community and the state's economic future depend on a complete change of direction in NSW and nationally.

"TAFE must be recognised as the principal training institution and provided with a secure budget to deliver quality educational outcomes.

"This will never happen under the race to the bottom that will be triggered by a federal takeover," Dr Kaye said.
23 September 2015

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