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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Greens tackle long-term and youth unemployment

The Greens NSW announced today a fully-funded $2.75 billion local infrastructure program to create up to 15,000 new high quality jobs and training opportunities, many of them targeted at the long-term and young unemployed.

The money would be spent through local councils and Aboriginal organisations to build and refurbish community infrastructure, including storm-water works, rural bridge and road repair, childcare centres and preschools, sewage systems and bike paths.

The Greens have shown how $20 billion can be raised for these and other projects without privatising electricity transmission and distribution. The loan can be serviced and repaid by additional revenue raised from reinstating the vendors duty on property speculators and higher tax rates on poker machines in highly profitable clubs, along with maintaining duties on large business transactions.

15 March 2015

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