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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Nationals using smoke and mirrors to confuse voters says 'Gasfield Free Northern Rivers'.

Gasfield Free Northern Rivers have voiced their disappointment at the failure of the four northern rivers national party MPs to be honest with regional voters and explain clearly that their ‘gas plan’ does not protect the region from gasfield development.
Regional Coordinator for Gasfield Free Northern Rivers, Elly Bird said, “The Nationals are trying to pull the wool over our eyes. We've seen it time and time again. Election hopefuls making empty promises, spinning the truth, and blaming the other party.
The National Party’s current Northern Rivers MPs have clearly shown they won't represent our community in Sydney. Their electioneering is nothing but spin, it's smoke and mirrors.
The truth is the Nationals just aren't willing to go to the same lengths as the Greens, Labor and Independents are. We're tired of hearing that it's all Labor's fault. We want to know exactly what they are going to do to protect the Northern Rivers from invasive gasfields.

They say they've cancelled exploration licence applications – but what about the current, active licences that cover most of the region? They've just renewed one of the biggest (PEL 445) for the next 6 years until 2020, beyond this and the next election.
They say they have removed the licence that covers Ballina and Byron shires, but they don't say that licence had expired in 2013. When a licence expires, if there hasn't been any activity, part of the licence has to be relinquished by the company.
They say they'll buy back the licences - but won't admit that will only happen if companies willingly hand them in.
They say they won't support CSG in areas where it isn't appropriate – but they won't say the Northern Rivers is one of those areas.

We've given Kris Beavis, Chris Gulaptis, Thomas George and Geoff Provest repeated opportunities to spell it out for us in writing – to let the voters know exactly where they stand, and they haven't even shown us the courtesy of responding.
Actions speak louder than words and their actions show that they don't care what the voters of this region think.
We want clear policy, that spells out what they will do to protect our home. Empty promises, blowing on the wind, aren't worth anything.” she said.


Wednesday March 5th

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