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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Climate change will hit Australia harder than the rest of the world.

This morning the CSIRO predicted temperature rises of up to 5.1 degrees in Australia by 2090. If we continue ‘business as usual’ Australia is set to cook at an even faster rate than the rest of the world.

Even as climate change threatens to hit Australia harder than the rest of the world, the Abbott Government is dragging us backwards.

 Please share our graphic with your networks and build public momentum for more action on climate change, not less. 

Over the weekend, while President Obama met with Prime Minister Modi in India to work towards a strong and ambitious agreement in Paris, Abbott was busy making Prince Philip - the Queen’s husband - a knight. 

He’s out of touch. And it’s not just embarrassing - it’s dangerous.

Help us spread the word that as climate change threatens our future, the Abbott Government remains focused on the past.

In short, the CSIRO reports says that by 2090:

  • Unless Australia takes immediate steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions we could experience a 5 degree temperature rise in Australia
  • Australia is on track for sea level rises of 45cm to 82cm
  • Rainfall could decrease by as much as 69%
  • Our Great Barrier Reef’s future is looking “grim”
Thanks for spreading the word, 

Christine Milne

PS - Abbott has been dismissing recent criticism of his leadership on social media as “electronic graffiti”.  Let’s show PM Abbott how many people “electronic graffiti” can reach.

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