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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

BTEX chemical nightmare spells end for AGL’s Gloucester fracking

The Greens NSW mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today said that should pack up and leave the Gloucester Valley following the detection of highly toxic BTEX chemicals at about 10 times the background levels in their flowback water.  AGL have announced the voluntary suspension of their Waukivory pilot program following the pollution incident, but Mr Buckingham says this does not go far enough. 

“BTEX chemicals in the water are an absolute nightmare and the Greens want a permanent ban on coal seam gas and fracking in NSW.  Coal seam gas is unsafe, unnecessary and unwanted,” Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham said.

“AGL should pack up and leave the Gloucester Valley for good following this latest pollution incident before they do any more damage to either their battered corporate reputation or our precious water.

“How many more spills, leaks and accidents will it take before the government acts to ban coal seam gas?”

“The Baird Government and the National party are now out on a political limb by backing this toxic industry, it is past time that they listened to the community and put our land and water ahead of their donors and corporate mates.”

“A moratorium on coal seam gas is no longer good enough; the Greens’ policy of a permanent ban is the only responsible policy to protect our communities and environment,” Mr Buckingham said.

27 January 2015

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