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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Overwhelming community opposition to TAFE privatisation is well justified

A marginal seats poll conducted for the NSW Teachers Federation showing 59 per cent of voters oppose the privatisation of TAFE funding demonstrates the failure of the Baird government's propaganda campaign, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

('TAFE funding: NSW election battle looms over private education providers
after Herald Ipsos poll', Sydney Morning Herald, 8 December, brief at page
8, full story on line at http://j.mp/smh141208)

Dr Kaye said: "The community has not been sucked in by the NSW Liberal-National's entirely false claims that their market for training is
about improving efficiency and providing a wider range of course offerings.

"Education Minister Adrian Piccoli might have got away with misleading the
community if it were not for the Victorian training market and the
catastrophic outcomes it had for TAFE in that state.

"No matter how much money the Baird-Grant government spends on promoting
its nothing-to-see-here everything's-fine message, TAFE in NSW is in deep
trouble and it will only get worse if the market is allowed to grow as it
has in other states.

"TAFE Institutes are sacking hundreds of essential educators in
anticipation of the financial devastation that the so-called 'Smart and
Skilled' market will inflict on their budgets.

"Courses are disappearing or becoming completely unaffordable to the
average student.

"Teaching hours are being slashed, with students missing out on essential
skills that are  critical to quality and safety.

"The next generation of electricians, motor mechanics and plumbers will
struggle to protect consumers and households.

"Unless the brakes are put on the training market, yet more damage will be
done to TAFE which could rapidly slip beyond the point of no return.

"When parliament next sits, the Greens will be introducing legislation to
hold non-TAFE providers to less than 20 per cent of the total vocational
training budget.

"The future of quality education for working Australians depends on
stopping the training market consuming AFE," Dr Kaye said.

8 December 2014

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