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Friday, 24 October 2014

There is absolutely no excuse, for weakening the Renewable Energy Target.

Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says the Renewable Energy Target policy announced by Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane adopts key recommendations from the discredited Warburton review and should be rejected by the Labor party.

“There is absolutely no reason, and no excuse, for weakening the Renewable Energy Target. The Labor Party must stand firm and reject this deal outright,” said Senator Milne.

“By accepting Dick Warburton’s ‘real 20%’ target and half of any new growth recommendations, the Abbott government has signed up to a discredited review that is based in a refusal to accept climate science.

“The Abbott government’s policy will decimate new investment in large scale renewable plants and will drive up power prices.

“Reducing the target and exempting polluting industry undermines what the RET is for – making clean energy cheaper for households,” said Senator Milne.

“A so-called ‘real’ 20% target is a massive blow to solar and wind in Australia, and all of the jobs and opportunity that comes with it.”

22 October 2014

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