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Friday, 10 October 2014

Don’t rip up the Casino to Murwillumbah train line.

Adam Guise
Greens candidate for Lismore, Adam Guise will be attending the Byron Council meeting today to support community members calling for better public transport in the Northern Rivers.

In response to a motion before Byron Council urging council to support a rail trail,[1] community group Trains On Our Tracks have called for councillors to reject the proposal.[2]

Mr Guise said: "Our region lacks public transport. Bus services don't run on weekends and the risk for young people driving on our roads needs urgent attention.

"Cars and petrol are too expensive for many people. The government needs to provide affordable public transport that takes the pressure off our roads and reduces car reliance.

“It’s absurd that the NSW government is spending $3.3 billion on the WestConnex motorway in Sydney, but ignoring the public transport needs of regional communities.

"The Greens support rail trails alongside the existing track but we urgently require public transport that meets the needs of our community as a whole.”

Greens candidate for Ballina, Tamara Smith said: “It’s important we preserve the rail line and look at innovative ways to have dual uses of the corridor, such as putting a bike path alongside the existing tracks. This would allow locals to travel between towns and visitors to travel to our local festivals, regardless of their age or fitness level. This would take cars off our congested roads and create tourism and employment opportunities across the region.” 

Thursday 9 October 2014

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