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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Carol Vernon, Oxley Candidate: The most pressing threat to all life is climate change

Carol Vernon, Greens candidate for Oxley, said:
"All our children are facing a future on an Earth that will be much hotter and life threatening.
“Scientists assure us that Climate Change (Climate Catastrophe) is the most pressing threat to all life on this planet. In our lifetime we are facing at least a two degree warming.
“The West Antarctica sheet is melting and sea rise of 3-5 metres from this event is assured. As the rate of the melt increases, the Day of Mobilisation assembly area at Coffs Harbour jetty will at first be impacted by storm surges and finally inundated.
 “The Liberal-National politicians of Australia continue to downplay the effects of climate change because a life threatening climate catastrophe scenario does not align with the interests of their fossil-fuel-industry mates. It doesn’t support a personal retirement to the board of a fossil fuel corporation. 

They want to keep selling massive amounts of coal and gas and cut support for renewable energy. They want to sell out your children’s future.
“Joining in the global mobilisation will demonstrate that although the Liberal-National governments of Australia are doing their best to ignore climate catastrophe while supporting the fossil fuel industries at any cost, the Australian people will support their fellow citizens around the globe standing for immediate action on climate change, citizens of the Earth protecting the Earth.” 
"The planet is on track to heat up two degrees in our lifetimes. Unless we do something the devastating fires, droughts and floods already destroying homes and lives, will be worse still.

That's why we need the Peoples Climate March on the weekend of the 20th and 21st of September to be the biggest climate mobilisation the world has ever seen. Millions will march around the world in support for ambitious action on climate change, as leaders gather in New York for UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s emergency climate summit."  Christine Milne

Media Alert/Release: Carol Vernon, Greens candidate for Oxley - September 16  

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