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Thursday, 21 August 2014


Following impassioned pleas by Richmond Valley residents, the packed gallery at last night’s Richmond Valley Council meeting applauded when Council emphatically passed a motion opposing unconventional gas mining and fracking in the local government area. The motion was supported 5-2 with only Mayor Bennett and Councillor Sullivan voting against.

This turn-around in the Council’s stated position on this issue follows the June meeting when Councillor Mustow received unanimous support for a motion that Council review its former Positioning Statement on Gas Mining which supported the State Government stance on the industry. Just prior to last night's meeting, Deputy Mayor Sandra Humphrys accepted Gasfield Free declarations from the community of Codrington, following their celebration on the week end where 50 people turned out to celebrate the 93% vote to remain Gasfield Free.

“It is heartening to see that Council has listened to the concerns of residents and has now taken a stand in support of the stated wishes of the vast majority of their constituents," said Richmond Valley resident, Dr. Eric van Beurden.

“Several speakers presented summary results from all community surveys in the shire at the meeting, showing that between 85% and 93% of Richmond Valley residents want to remain Gasfield Free.”
"Councillors at last night’s meeting spoke about changing their position from one of neutrality to one of opposition based on several things, including widespread community opposition and information now available on the risks of unconventional gas mining.”

“This is a watershed moment for local communities in the Richmond Valley and sees Richmond Valley Council join other Councils across the Northern Rivers who have stated their opposition to this unsafe industry,” said Dean Draper, Gasfield Free Northern Rivers spokesperson.

“The turn-around in Council’s position is a direct response to the dedicated actions of local community members who have been tireless in their efforts to raise awareness about the risks of this industry and seek support from Council to represent their concerns.”

Dr. Eric van Beurden, Richmond Valley resident & Dean Draper, Gasfield Free Northern Rivers


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