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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Mid North Coast Voters deserve a NSW government untainted by corruption.

Drusi Megget
Carol Vernon
Two Mid North Coast Greens’ candidates have issued a joint statement regarding the urgent need to clean up NSW politics.
Carol Vernon, Greens candidate for Oxley, said:
“ Without an ICAC much of the corrupt practices exposed in first the Labor Party and now the Liberal Party would never have come to light.
The Greens are committed to:
  • prohibiting political donations from corporations;
  • adequate, fair and transparent public funding of all elections; and
  • prompt and transparent disclosure of all donations on a public website maintained by the electoral office.

“It appears from ICAC disclosures that Nathan Tinkler donated $20,000 to the National Party via his Patinack Farm horse stud rather than his Buildev company. Perhaps it is time to ask why the National Party accepted the donation at a time when it was obvious Tinkler was pursuing another coal loader in Newcastle. Was it morally correct to accept the $20,000 party donation?”
Drusi Megget, Greens candidate for Port Macquarie, said:
“It is time to ask how the National Party members of parliament can continue to govern in coalition with a Liberal party where corruption seems so entrenched in their fundraising practices, donations designed to influence development and mining infrastructure projects?
“Is the National Party still looking after country voters or is it in the pocket of the mining companies?

John Kaye Greens MP will speak on 'Clean Politics', August 27 in Bellingen. 

Media Release: Carol Vernon, Greens candidate for Oxley & Drusi Megget, Greens candidate for Port Macquarie (August 26)

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