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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Irresponsible mining practices poison rivers.

On the Mid North Coast of NSW we must protect the Hastings, Macleay, Nambucca, Bellinger, Orara and Clarence Rivers from mining on the escarpment. The Mt Morgan mine in Queensland has massively polluted the Dee River. Antimony and Arsenic from Antimony mining and Cyanide from Gold mining are our main concerns.

The Mount Polley mine disaster that released 15 million litres of toxic effluent into important fish bearing streams in B.C. is heartbreaking - potentially the biggest environmental disaster in BC history.


There are lots of questions about the extent of this impact on wildlife (including the Fraser River sockeye salmon), water quality, human health and local jobs. This has also raised questions about how something like this is allowed to happen.

While we dig in to find answers to these important questions, please send a message to the B.C. government to ensure that something like this doesn't happen again.


ABC Story:Mount Morgan gold mine is leaking pollutants into the Dee River

Mt Mogan mine and the Dee River

Central Qld river contaminated by an old mine

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