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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Upper House Inquiry misses mark on young people drinking

Media release: 15 December 2013

A NSW parliamentary committee failed to confront the liquor industry and produce recommendations that would reduce the harm on the state's young people, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

('O'Farrell government accused over liquor law reform', Sun Herald 15 December, p. 3, http://j.mp/sh131215.

'Strategies to reduce alcohol abuse among young people in NSW', Social Issues Committee, NSW Legislative Council, 13 December, available at http://j.mp/1fb7feO)

Dr Kaye said: "The liquor industry will continue to impose an unacceptable toll of street and domestic violence until politicians gather the courage to stand up to it.

"Alcohol continues to be promoted to young people under guidelines that
were effectively written by the bottle shop lobby with devastating

"The Upper House Inquiry was presented with evidence that marketing
practices such as deep discounting and shopper dockets were encouraging
dangerous drinking.

"Instead of acting on the advice of the independent experts, the Committee
was neutralised by the propaganda from the industry lobby and recommended
another investigation.

"NSW does not need yet another inquiry to know that two-for-one discounts
and advertising aimed at young people are doing untold damage.

"The Coalition majority of the Committee clearly had no appetite to
confront the powerful alcohol industry. They made sure that most of the
stronger recommendations never made it into the report.

"I hope Premier Barry O'Farrell understood the tragic irony of the timing
of the release of a Committee report whose finding had  been nobbled by his
Coalition MPs on the eve of a shocking act of alcohol-fuelled violence," Dr
Kaye said.

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