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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Plan would reopen the floodgates to politics for sale in NSW

Media release: 6 May 2013

Allowing political donations to be made by employees and board members of real estate development corporations  and tobacco, gambling and alcohol companies would take NSW back to the bad old days of polices determined by cash gifts, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

('Come in, donor: Libs push to let developers back', Sydney Morning Herald, 6 May, http://j.mp/10cFA3v)

Dr Kaye said: "This would create the worst kind of back door donations. It would be even more difficult to trace where the money comes from and what favours it is buying.

"Once again government policies and decisions would be purchased by industries that have a track record of getting outcomes that suit them by pumping  big donations into the coffers of political parties.

"NSW would be taken back to the worst excesses of the previous Labor government.

"Even if the existing limits on individual donations survive, a big developer, ClubsNSW or a tobacco corporation could effectively deliver a $150,000 donation using 30 employees, board members or other close associates.

"Planning laws and gambling and tobacco control would be sacrificed to keep the cash flowing from the industries that would stand to make massive profits.

"Changing the limits on individual donations would further empower the wealthy and corporations while leaving working people and the average citizen shut out of political decision making.

"Premier Barry O'Farrell must come out and unequivocally reject these changes or every decision his government makes will be tainted by the potential donations it might bring to the Coalition.

"The proposed changes to the donations laws have significant and worrying implications for the O'Farrell government's draft planning laws and the changes to poker machine taxes.

"It looks a lot like policies are being put in place to make the Coalition even more attractive to developers, registered clubs and the alcohol industry.

"The Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matter that authored the draft report is dominated by Coalition members and is entirely a puppet of the O'Farrell government.

"When the final document is released this week, we will know if the Premier intends to wind back ten years of hard won progress away from the corrupting influence of political donations," Dr Kaye said.

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