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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

March against Monsanto Rally, Bellingen, May 25. Bellingen spoke.

Carol Vernon spoke about The Greens policy
Media Release, May 26th, Carol Vernon

Greens candidate speaks at Bellingen March Against Monsanto Rally

“I want my food to be GM (genetically manipulated) free. I want comprehensive GM labelling of my food. I want farmers and biodiversity protected and the government made accountable for the use of GM technology. I’m sure the people of Cowper agree with me.”

Carol Vernon, Greens candidate for Cowper, was just one of the Greens candidates and politicians joining communities around Australia to rally against the expansion of GMO crops and to call for better labelling of products that contain GMO.

Carol attended the Bellingen event where more than 400 people shared their concerns about the corporatisation of food production and seed supply, and the use of herbicides and pesticides linked with GM crops.

“I believe we are becoming unwilling participants in corporate funded experiments where inadequate labelling means we are often unaware of ingredients, additives, processing aid or other constituents in our food using GM technology

“Despite bold claims of bigger crop yields and positive environmental improvements, genetically manipulated crops have failed to deliver on all fronts.

“When big money and corporations become too closely linked to government, ethical behaviour and integrity flies out the window.

“While the other parties, represented in Cowper by Luke Hartsuyker (Nationals) and Alfredo Navarro (Labor), would allow big business to assert their dominance over what Australians grow and eat, the Greens have consistently challenged the dominance of large corporations in our agricultural sector and are proud to stand up with the community on this issue.

“A strong Greens presence in the Senate is necessary to ensure we regain control of our food supply and food exports.

“Through the choices we make as consumers, and growers, we can all take steps to improve our food fate locally.”


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Marguerite and Annabelle did a fantastic job organising this event. They had some wonderful helpers who donated their time and talent. Congratulations guys.

An audience of near 400 rotated through the hall and park in Bellingen. A smaller March in Hyde St was also held at the end of the event. Uncle Tom Kelly, traditional landowner, welcomed us.

The Liberal, National and Labor parties are all in favour of genetically manipulated crops. The Greens oppose the genetic manipulation of crops; are pushing for a transparent labelling of genetically manipulated food and the freedom for all to collect and exchange seed.

The March began at 'half time'. Photo by Solveig Larsen

The March grows

Monsanto protest audience

Seedsavers share the seed.

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