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Monday, 8 April 2013

Public Education cuts to the North Coast

The Greens are strongly supporting teachers in their campaign to maintain quality staffing for the support of students and teachers.

The Department of Education and Communities has announced its restructure that will see:

• 1000 jobs cut, mostly support staff personnel who assist teachers to implement curriculum.


What the NSW Teachers Federation said about this:

Mr Piccoli has compared school support officers to the "tea lady" - desired, but no longer in keeping with the times.

"We used to have tea ladies in the public service, and they provided some value, but clearly there is better value in having teachers on the front line," he said.

Ms Clark has called on the minister to apologise for his comments.

She says there has been little communication between the government and those employed by the department.

"It's absolutely disgusting of the minister to compare the service that the tea ladies would be giving to our students with the service that our consultants in our local offices have been giving to schools," she said.

"I think that is degrading and very demeaning. I think he should apologise immediately."

 Brett Bertalli
NSW Teachers Federation

• The Toormina office has been/will be closed and staff are to be moved to the North Coast Office

• These cuts take place as teachers are trying to implement a new national curriculum.

• The implementation of a new centralised welfare and management systems will require more support for teachers just as the support staff are being cut.

• The Executive Director will now be shared between the Armidale Office and the Coffs Coast Office.

NSW Education Minister confirms job cuts

Today the NSW Teachers Federation lodged a full page advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald highlighting the O’Farrell government’s education cuts and the negative impact they are having on the students of New South Wales.

The government refuted the contents of the advertisement in a media release and accused the Federation of lying to not only its members, but the public of NSW.

Education Minister Adrian Piccoli should read his own department reports and his own media releases before accusing the Teachers Federation of lying about his government’s education cuts.
Teachers Federation President, Maurie Mulheron, said:
 “It is galling to see the Minister accuse our union of lying about his government’s action to cut 1,000 positions from the public school system, when the Minister, last September, issued a Media Release and accompanying report confirming the cuts. The report, entitled ‘Savings measures to meet our budget’, states:

‘Over the next four years the total required savings for Education and Communities is estimated to be $1.7 billion. This means that over the next four years the Department of Education and Communities will need to make significant changes to meet its budget. These changes include reducing staff…
‘Over the next four years the Department will need to reduce its staff numbers by around 1,800. This includes a realignment of state and regional offices which will result in a reduction of around 600 positions… In addition, by 2015-16 the equivalent of around 400 school administrative staff positions will be made in employee related savings…’ ”

Mr Mulheron also stated that, “Teachers, principals and parents in local public school communities understand that less support is now available for their students because of the loss of these 1,000 positions. Schools are losing the support of teachers working in curriculum positions, in drug and alcohol education programs, in multicultural education, in equity and country area programs and the like. They are also picking up the extra work now being done by the administrative and support staff whose positions are also being abolished.

“Mr Piccoli does himself no credit at all by denying what his government is doing. Instead, he should be standing with public school communities and advocating on their behalf that these cuts be reversed.”

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