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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Premier gives Shooters veto on Game Council Inquiry

Media Release: 27 April 2013 

Revelations today that the Shooters Party had a veto over the terms of
reference of the review into the Game Council are proof positive that the
Premier remains tied hand and foot to the pro-gun lobby in the NSW
Parliament and call not question the independence of the review.

See reporting here:

NSW Greens MP and Firearms Spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

“The Premier has again been caught out giving the two pro-gun Shooters MPs
an effective veto over the government’s regulation of shooting and hunting
in NSW.

“There is a clear conflict of interest in giving the Shooters MPs sign-off
over the terms of reference of the Game Council review.

“The two Shooters MPs are both former Chairman of the Game Council and
their behaviour as chairs should clearly be a key part of the review, so
how could the Premier decently give them sign-off over the inquiry’s terms
of reference?

“This has all the hallmarks of a sham inquiry that has been designed so
that the Premier can be seen to be acting rather than a genuine review of
the incompetence and conflicts within the Game Council.

“Politics rarely gets grubbier than this kind of deal that sees the Premier
promoting bloodsports on public land in return for a a couple of votes in

“Having already given the Shooters MPs the power to determine government
policy on guns in National Parks it is now revealed the Premier has also
given them power over the review of the Game Council.

“The regulation of guns and hunting on public land is a matter of prime
public importance and it is shameful that once again the Premier has handed
over the real decision making power on this to the minority pro-gun
Shooters Party.

“Just like Labor did in 2002 when it set up the Game Council, the O’Farrell
government is giving the Shooters MPs and its pro-gun agenda a prominence
in government that far outstrips their public support.

“The Premier should immediately establish a genuinely independent review of
the Game Council to seriously consider its failure to regulate a safe or
effective regime of amateur hunting on public land.

“This matter will not go away for Premier O’Farrell until he stands up for
the public interest and once and for all terminates the reckless plan to
allow amateur hunting in national parks,” Mr Shoebridge said.

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