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Sunday, 14 April 2013

O'Farrell should deliver funds to public schools without uni cuts

Dr John Kaye defends public education

Media release: 14 April 2013

Premier Barry O'Farrell should make sure that the Council of Australian
Governments realises that  the full Gonski funding increases to the state's
public schools can be delivered without cannibalising the future of
tertiary education, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

Dr Kaye said: "In NSW the 210 wealthiest and most elite private school
receive $452 million a year from the state and commonwealth governments.

"If that money were redirected to public schools, there would be no need to
touch the funding of universities in this state to improve school outcomes.

"The full Gonski amount could also be achieved by also making the mining
sector pay their way.

"Devastating university education send a mixed message to the same school
students that the Gillard government is claiming to help.

"Increasing the funding of public schools is essential but leaving
graduating students without the choice of a quality university education
would also be absurd and demotivating for many students.
"If the Federal government wants to turn one sector against another, let it
be the already over-privileged private schools  that are splashing cash
around on luxurious facilities and class sizes that are a fraction of those
in public education.

"The federal government's proposed efficiency measures and other cuts would
remove about $467 million from the annual budgets of this state's nine

"That is only marginally greater than the total and federal funding of the
state's elite private schools that can already spend well over  the
per-student amount recommended by the Gonski review.

"Barry O'Farrell's government is responsible for the nation's largest
schooling system. It also regulates the state's nine universities.

"The Premier must fulfil his obligation to the state's public school and
university education sectors and not let one be cannibalised to provide an
essential funding boost to the other," Dr Kaye said.

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