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Sunday, 14 April 2013

No notice for hunting will place National Park visitors in danger of being shot.

13 April 2013

Bushwalkers and National Park visitors will be placed in real danger of being shot by amateur hunters under a proposal by the government to provide as little as 48 hours notice to the public that amateur hunters will be let loose in National Parks.

This most recent revelation of the dangers in the government’s hunting deal with the Shooters Party were revealed in answers provided to Greens MP
David Shoebridge to questions he asked the Minister for the Environment in Parliament.

 See reporting in the Sun Herald here:

Greens MP David Shoebridge said:

“Many people are out in National Parks camping and bushwalking for well
over two days and these people will have no notice at all that armed
amateur hunters will be in the forest with them.

“Most people plan their bushwalks weeks and months in advance and to be
given just 48 hours notice that they will be sharing the bush with amateur
hunters is grossly inadequate.

“If the amateur hunting was about genuine feral pest control then the
government would know where shooting was to take place months in advance,
they wouldn’t be booking their armed weekend warriors just 2 days ahead.

“There is no possible way to place adequate signage around a National Park
to warn park users of hunting.

“Realistically, if this plan goes ahead the first indication many people
will have that they are sharing a forest with hunters is when they hear a
gun go off.

“With every new revelation about the safety dangers it becomes clearer that
this deal has never been about pest control, it is about the State
government promoting the “killing is fun” culture of the Shooters Party.

“Any self-respecting government would recognise that public safety must
come first and would end this reckless plan to have amateur hunters on
public land,” Mr Shoebridge said.


**A.    **How much notice will be given that shooters will be operating in
a specific area of a New South Wales National Park?****

**B.    **How will notice be given that shooters will be operating in a
specific area of a New South Wales National Park?****

**C.    **How will notice be given on the ground that shooters are
operating in a specific area of a New South Wales National Park?****


***A.    ***At least 30 days notice will be provided before any land is
declared under the Game and Feral Animal Control Act. *A 48 hour minimum
notification period will apply to shooting on parks and reserves.*

**B.    **Statutory notices regarding declarations will be made, including
within the Government Gazette and through newspaper advertisements. All
areas will be signposted and information and maps will be presented on the
National Parks and Wildlife web site.****

**C.    **Appropriate signs will be in place.****

Read the Questions and Answers on the Parliament website here:


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