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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Liberal/National government cheats public housing tenants of compensation payments

22 April 2013

Greens MP Jamie Parker has slammed the NSW government as stingy and mean for taking a cut of the clean energy supplement paid to public housing tenants, saying it's unfair for the compensation payment to be considered income.

"The Liberal government's decision to increase rents by extorting part of a compensation payment is a slap in the face to public housing tenants who are already struggling financially," Mr Parker said.

"This is a tax-exempt lump-sum payment to assist households in meeting the impacts of carbon pricing on living expenses - it is simply wrong for it to be considered income and used as an excuse to increase rents.

"After being neglected under the Labor government for so long, public housing tenants are now being treated with even more disdain by the Liberal Coalition.

"The former Labor government left a 300 million maintenance backlog, which the Liberal government is still failing to adequately address.

"I'm appalled that some of our most vulnerable residents are being taken advantage of, and I will continue to campaign for a more caring approach," Mr Parker said.

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