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Sunday, 7 April 2013

It’s on. Assisted dying debate due in May and I need your help.

The Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill is due for debate in less than six weeks.

We are about to get the best chance we’ve ever had of securing the choice of a dignified assisted death for the terminally ill here in NSW.

I’ve just found out that my Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill is due for debate in less than six weeks – that’s not far away at all, so I need your help today to see it pass.

We know that voluntary euthanasia legislation has very high public support, with polls consistently putting it at over 70 percent. Support is high for lots of reasons, but some of the most powerful reasons are the personal ones. Many of us have seen friends and family suffer unnecessarily at the end of life or in the advanced stages of a terminal illness.

Do you have such a story to share? Or maybe you know someone who does. Please write to NSW MPs to tell them why you want them to support the bill here.

Since announcing the bill, I’ve been moved by scores of powerful stories that will assist with convincing MPs to support my bill. People like Loredana, who I emailed you about recently. People like Max, who suffered greatly at the end due to an aggressive cancer that could not be adequately managed. Or Wayne, who took his life early and alone because without the option of assistance from a doctor, he faced a slow horrendous death due to a progressive brain disease.

Now it’s time for you to add your voice. It’s time to ask MPs to support the bill that will give terminally ill people, whose pain and suffering cannot be alleviated, the right to request assistance to die if that is their wish.

Your story might be long or short. It could simply be a few thoughts that you want to share. But it will really make a difference for MPs to hear directly from you about why voting for my bill is the right thing to do.

Please share your story here.

Thank you

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