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- Honesty and integrity in politics
- Local jobs
- People before profits
- Improved heath and education services.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Economic Justice Policy- Australian Greens

Greens support small business


The Australian Greens support an economy that sustains the needs of people and nature, now and for future generations. Economic activity should support, rather than deplete the social and natural capital of our world - that is, the natural environment on which we all depend, and the social relationships that make people happy and healthy.

These principles apply at all levels of economic activity – local, regional, national and global.

Patterns of human production and consumption in the global economy, where driven by the pursuit of economic growth at any cost, have resulted in increased inequality.

The Australian Greens believe that protecting common interests, including the need to conserve natural resources and public assets for future generations, should take priority where these conflict with private interests. Governments should ensure that corporations reflect and act on the concerns and interests of all stakeholders including citizens of countries in which they operate. Not-for-profit organisations working for the common good should also be supported so that this sector is able to flourish.

The costs to our economy and environment will continue to escalate unless strong action is taken to end our reliance on fossil fuels and other non-renew- able resources. The cost of addressing climate change now is far less than fail- ing to do so and having to pay the cost later. Therefore, we support a transition to a thriving economy based on 100% renewable energy which will create new jobs and improve living standards.

Read the full policy: Link to Australian Greens site

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