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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Desley Banks, Greens candidate for the Page electorate, meets Christine Milne

On April 5 Senator Christine Milne, of the Australian Greens, first visited Lismore where she met with the Knitting Nanas Against Gas, knitting on the footpaths and continuing their peaceful but determined protest against coal seam gas mining.

Christine expressed her admiration and thanks to the people of northern NSW who have stood against coal seam gas mining at Glenugie and Doubtful Creek and have peacefully persuaded Metgasco to leave the area, for the present. The Knitting Nanas Against Gas know the battle is not over.

Senator Christine Milne arrives
Christine listens to Anne's story

Say No to Coal Seam Gas

Senator Christine Milne,  Jeremy Buckingham, NSW MLC and Greens'candidates for Cowper, Page and Richmond and the Knitting Nanas Against Gas make the point that " Clean Food V Coal Seam Gas". Christine was presented with a beret knitted by the Nanas.

 Three strong women candidates will represent the Greens from Kempsey to the Queensland border.

Desley Banks, Greens candidate for the Page electorate, meets Christine Milne

Left to right, Dawn Walker (Richmond), Desley Banks (Page), Christine Milne, Carol Vernon (Cowper)

Senator Christine Milne, Jeremy Buckingham MP, and three local candidates outside NORCO in Lismore

 The Greens are the only party protecting our food production and saying NO to coal seam gas mining. NORCO has taken a strong stand against coal seam gas mining and its threat to farmers and food production. With climate change occurring farmland and water will increase in value as food-producing land becomes more sought after.

Christine Milne and NORCO staff celebrate a successful visit.

We stand for people and the environment. Always have. Always will.

'Ms Milne talked to residents at the Murwillumbah Community Centre about the Greens' plans to protect the environment, community and farms from the threat of coal seam gas. 

She also spoke on farmers getting a fair price for their produce and the promotion of regional development around sustainable agriculture, tourism, education and renewable energy.' The Northern Star

Over two hundred supporters, Jeremy Buckingham MLC and Senator Christine Milne attended the launch of Dawn Walker's candidature for Cowper.

 In her address Senator Milne spoke of Labor's calculated strategy of having a few backbenchers to speak against coal seam gas, then putting in place some restrictions which will not contain the coal seam gas industry whilst continuing to allow the mining of already approved licences. This strategy is also utilised by Labor candidates in our area who speak of their personal convictions against unconventional coal seam gas mining while the Labor Party clearly has a policy of pro coal seam gas mining.

The Greens are the only major party saying NO to Coal Seam Gas.

 The Greens are no longer just pushing for a 'moratorium' on 'fracking' but for a ban on coal seam gas mining.

The conventional gas industry will no longer be required as an interim step to transition from the fossil fuel industry.

The rapid development of the renewable energy industry means the conventional gas industry has 'missed the boat' said Senator Milne.

 The climate is likely to warm well past a two degree rise. Never before has one generation held the power to make such a difference to the lives of the future generations. We must reduce the impact of climate change and attempt to hold the rise to two degrees.

Wikipedia states, "A key policy that has been in place since 2001 to encourage large scale renewable energy development is a mandatory renewable energy target, which in 2010 was increased to 41,000 gigawatt-hours of renewable generation from power stations."

Senator Milne challenged National/Liberal coalition candidates to commit to maintaining the present  41,000 gigawatt-hours renewable energy target increased in 2010 as a result of Greens' input to the coalition government. She believes an Abbott government will halve this target.

Towards the end of her speech Senator Milne made the point that Australia is holding 1000 children in detention.

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