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Friday, 8 March 2013


W.A. bilby triplets 2011

The first triplet bilbies to be born in captivity have emerged from their mother's pouch, giving hope to those working to save the iconic species from extinction.

"There are only 600 bilbies left in Queensland - now is our chance to save this iconic species before it's too late," Senator Larissa Waters, the Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said at Dreamworld where she joined conservationists in meeting the triplet bilbies today.

"Thankfully, the species' reproductive behaviour will assist in its conservation - bilbies are ready breeders, they have a short gestation time and can breed from a young age.

"However, Queensland's small population of bilbies is under serious threat from feral cats and foxes, as many of our native mammals are.

"Save the Bilby Fund is doing incredible work to conserve this species and now has the support of Pink Lady, a chocolate bilby manufacturer, just in time for Easter.

"With chocolate bilbies popping up in stores already, Easter is the perfect opportunity to talk to kids about the importance of conserving bilbies and other threatened species in Australia.

"I've set up a Senate inquiry into threatened species conservation, which is revealing that the national recovery plan for bilbies is not being properly implemented or enforced and that this is a common problem for many threatened species.

"The Greens are working to strengthen protection for threatened species to ensure that future generations will be able to experience our iconic wildlife," Senator Waters said.

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