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Monday, 25 March 2013

Right to Silence Traded by the Shooters

20 Mar 2013

The O'Farrell Government has now removed the centuries-old right to silence from all NSW citizens after the Shooters MPs reversed their stated position, presumably following "talks".

Astoundingly the Shooters MPs failed to speak on the bill and explain why they changed their position.

NSW Greens MP and Justice spokesperson, David Shoebridge said:

"The Shooters' sudden backflip on this bill shows their original stand was little more than a bargaining chip in their negotiations with the Government.

"Once more the Government will be selling out the people of NSW by dealing with the Shooters on unrelated proposals.

"Who knows what the O'Farrell Government  has traded off this time? Is it further watering down of gun laws, further access for amateur hunters in our National Parks or even the introduction of silencers?

"The Government has not just destroyed the four hundred year old principle that defendants have the right to silence for accused bikies, everyone has lost this right.

"The model proposed by the Attorney General and supported by the Shooters is utterly unworkable for both police and the criminal justice system.

"In the bill, an adverse inference can only be drawn from a person being silent if their lawyer is present during police questioning, meaning it will be almost professional negligence for any lawyer to attend a police station even if their client asked them.

"The end result will be even less co-operation with police and most lawyers giving the advice that the client is better off not being represented and just saying nothing to police.

"The pre-trial disclosure requirements are also unworkable. Far from narrowing the issues for Courts, both sides will be far more likely to put every issue on the table, just in case.
"This law is wrong in principle, and wrong in practice" Mr Shoebridge said.

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