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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Lock The Gate Protest in Coffs March 7

Some of the 40 protesters.

Greens congratulate Lock the Gate action on CSG

The Australian Greens congratulate and support the members of Lock the Gate Alliance who are taking action on coal seam gas today by delivering their list of demands to the electorate offices of federal members of the lower house.

"It is time the old parties, who pretend to support farmers, actually do so by ending their embrace of the coal seam gas industry at the expense of farmers and our future," said Leader of the Australian Greens Senator Christine Milne.

"The old parties need to wake up to the fact that the protection of agricultural land and water is critical in an age of food security.

"Environmentalist Lester Brown has said food is the new oil and land and water are the new gold. That's why it is madness to destroy them and the communities that we depend on for our food production. It makes no sense to drive a fossil fuel industry at the end of the fossil fuel age," Senator Milne said.

"The Greens congratulate these passionate Australians on their determination to protect our land, water, climate and communities from this high risk industry," Senator Larissa Waters, the Australian Greens Mining spokesperson, said.

"We fully support the Lock the Gate Alliance's list of demands on coal seam gas, especially placing a moratorium on coal seam gas and establishing no-go zones to protect agricultural, residential and cultural areas as well as sensitive environmental areas and tourism icons.

"It is outrageous that coal and coal seam gas tenements cover more than half of this country, when experts still don't understand its long term impacts on our water supplies or its true effect on our climate with leaking pipes and wells.

"We know where the old parties stand on coal seam gas - last week my motion in the Senate to stop this high-risk industry was voted down by all the old parties, including the Nationals.

"As long as coal seam gas projects are not in western Sydney, the Federal Government is happy for them to go ahead - the Environment Minister has approved every coal seam gas project that has crossed his desk.

"The old parties are wedded to the mining industry and are not listening to pleas from the community about the dangers of this high-risk industry," Senator Waters said.


There were about 40 protesters at the gathering outside National Party federal MP, Luke Hartsuyker's office on March 7. Mr Hartsuyker was not in attendance.

Link to ABC Interview of Mr Luke Hartsuyker, National Member for Cowper.

We had elders and we had youth.

Click to enlarge

Lock The Gate's Call to Country listed eight 'demands' for the attention of all federal MPs of any political persuasion. Click to enlarge. Despite the 'grandstanding' of certain MPs we are still exposed to ruthless mining practices. This is a call for the full protection of our country from irresponsible mining practices.

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