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Friday, 1 March 2013

Climate Change: Clarence Valley Flood Risk Maps

"The reason that we are having so much Commonwealth money having to be invested in mitigation is the failure of both state and federal governments for a long period of time to listen to the scientists, to listen to Sir Nicholas Stern when he said the cost of not acting on climate change is going to far outweigh the cost of acting.

And that's precisely what we are seeing. Since 2010 $6 billion has been spent in Australia trying to clean up after flooding, after extreme weather events. The Prime Minister's statements today, the promise of extra money, the decision to put $50 million into the Warragamba dam and $50 million into other flood mitigation projects is couched in terms of insurance premium and cost of living. And it's absolutely true that insurance premiums have gone through the roof in areas which are vulnerable to extreme weather events."

Christine Milne February 28, 2013

Clarence Valley Flood Risk Maps

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