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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Support For Zoe's Law Exposed As Nile's Personal Crusade Against Women

Cate Faehrmann
Media Release, 10 February, 2013

Anti abortion crusaders have reached a new low with Reverend Fred Nile
using misleading tactics to try and generate support for his personal quest
to deny women their right to make their own reproductive choices.

"It's disgraceful that Fred Nile is attempting to capitalise on the
personal tragedy that Brodie Donegan has experiencd to push his anti-women,
extreme religious agenda," said NSW Greens MP and lead Senate candidate
Cate Faehrmann.

"Now that we are entering an election year, Fred Nile's anti-abortion
agenda has kicked in to overdrive. We can expect a lot more anti-abortion
hysteria from Fred Nile and his party in the coming weeks and months.

"Just this week Fred Nile's newsletter, Family Voice, had a graphic and
deliberately contentious image of a late-term abortion on the front page.

"Fred Nile continues to undermine a woman's right to choose in the NSW
Parliament. This latest offensive move demonstrates that he is willing to
cross the line of compassion and decency in order to push his own agenda.

"In this federal election year - with Tony Abbott waiting in the wings to
attack women's rights nationally - women should be highly alert as
extremists like Fred Nile attempt to impose their destructive and damaging
personal agenda on our lives and choices.

"The basic right of all women to choose is more important for the future of
our families than Fred Nile's personal crusade against women," said Ms

MORE INFORMATION: Cate Faehrmann 0412 207 043

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