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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

NSW govt gives teens bad alcohol advice

Media release: 20 February 2013

Plagued with inappropriate links and its close association with the alcohol industry, the O'Farrell government's 'Out Tonight? Party Right' website is
a dangerous replacement for the Department of Education's drug and alcohol unit, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

('Cut-price alcohol education: links offer teens poor advice', Sydney Morning Herald 20 February,
page 3)

Dr Kaye said: "Young people are being abandoned into the hands of the
liquor industry lobby. It would be hard to find organisations to advise on
alcohol education with a more perverse set of incentives than the
Australian Hotel Association, Clubs NSW and the Liquor Stores Association
of NSW.

"It's hardly surprising that the site is riddled with links to
inappropriate resources that are based on neither education or public
health research. The alcohol industry's footprints are all over this
website and it suffers for the lack of rigorous quality control and
teaching expertise.

"The link for further information on binge drinking and drugs goes to the
blog site eHow.com, where random members of the public get to express their
opinions. That's a long way from the type of research-based programs that
the Department of Education's Drug and Alcohol Education unit used to

"The most inappropriate links and poorly thought out advice are being
rushed off the site as the parents and teachers become increasingly
outraged by the appalling materials their children are being exposed to.

"If the O'Farrell government had not destroyed the Drug and Alcohol
Education unit, the resource would have been based on years of teaching
experience and accumulated high quality resources. Instead, young people
are being exposed to a moving feast of half-baked ideas, served up by the
alcohol industry.

"It speaks volumes that Education Minister Adrian Piccoli and Health
Minister Jillian Skinner are nowhere to be seen. This is a catastrophe of
the making of the Hospitality Minister and the industry to which he has
trouble saying no.

"Thanks to the government's cuts to public education the liquor lobby has
managed to make itself a key voice inside the classroom," Dr Kaye said.

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