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Friday, 8 February 2013

Nationals and Shooters in stand-off over gun control

Media Release: 7 February 2013

Documents revealed to the Greens through GIPA have revealed that plans by Premier O'Farrell, supported by NSW Police, to introduce tougher ammunition
control in NSW have been shot down by the National Party and the gun lobby on the Firearms Consultative Committee.

See reporting in SMH here:

Greens NSW MP and Firearms spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

"These documents reveal that as of last year, before being taken to the
Firearms Consultative Committee, the government was going to control the
sale of all ammunition in NSW.

"We now know Barry O'Farrell has been rolled and the controls will be
limited to just handguns.

“In the gun control debate internationally ammunition control is being used
as one of the most effective way of combating gun crime, but in NSW we are
going backwards.

"It appears that the Nationals are trying to outgun the Shooters on who can
be softer on gun control.

"From day one the right wing gun lobby within the government's own ranks
have been urging the Premier to water down the ammunition controls, despite
the fact that police want these controls.

"The government should be taking advice about firearms control from the
Commissioner of Police, not from the gun lobby within his coalition and his
friends in the Shooters Party.

"Premier O'Farrell has been criticising the Prime Minister for introducing
weak gun control laws while at the same time he is being rolled by the gun
lobby in his own ranks. This is gross hypocrisy.

"This legislation was introduced 12 months ago by the Premier in a fanfare,
but it still hasn't come into effect because of the internal turf war
within the Coalition.

"Parts of the United States are moving towards strict ammunition controls
while in NSW Barry O'Farrell is watering them down.

“No one should be buying ammunition for a gun they don't own, simple as
that," Mr Shoebridge said.

Media contact: 0408 113 952

David Shoebridge

Greens MP in the NSW Legislative Council

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