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Friday, 22 February 2013

Hospital funding band-aid not good enough: Greens

Greens health spokesperson, Dr Richard Di Natale, welcomed the Government's reversal on the eve of a Greens-initiated Senate Inquiry but it raises more questions than it answers
"Instead of standing up to the mining companies and raising money through a decent mining tax, the Federal Government tried to get away with ripping money out of the hospital system by blaming it on the states," said Senator Di Natale

"While the impacts of the Federal Government's cuts have had the biggest impact in states like Victoria, where the state government had also engaged in chronic under-funding of health services, there is no question that the federal government is responsible for the recent chaos.

"It is a real shame that it a Greens-initiated Senate Inquiry for the government to finally take responsibility. The disappointing thing is that the government is still playing the blame game and refusing to admit its mistake.
"The inquiry today revealed that the Federal Government has based its funding cuts on dodgy data. This is not only an issue for Victoria and the funding should be immediately restored to all states.

"It is a shame that the party of Medicare is now so willing to pinch pennies from the healthcare budget, but it just goes to show how much Labor has lost its way."

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