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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Greens present no hunting for children petition

Media Release - 26 February 2013

Greens NSW Firearms spokesperson David Shoebridge today presented more petitions in the NSW Upper House opposing children being able to hunt unsupervised on NSW public land, taking the total number of petitioners up to just under one thousand.

This follows reports of a renewed hunting lobby push for children as young as twelve to be allowed to shoot in National Parks and a defeated proposal in 2012 for children to be able to hunt unsupervised in state forests.

Greens NSW MP and Firearms spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

"The audacity of the hunting lobby's push for a gun culture in NSW is matched only by the resistance of the general public," Mr Shoebridge said.

"The Greens have now tabled almost one thousand signatures opposing children hunting on public land in NSW. We will soon be tabling an even larger petition opposing amateur hunting generally.

"Last year, concerned citizens combined with the Greens and animal welfare groups to stop the Game Council's proposal for children as young as twelve from hunting unsupervised with bows and arrows, dogs and bowie knives.

"It is increasingly clear that the Game Council's agenda has little if anything to do with feral animal control, and everything to do with more sport, more guns and more blood.

"Barry O'Farrell's unholy alliance with the gun lobby in NSW is not leading to effective and humane feral animal control, it's fostering a culture where cruel bloodsports are legalised and promoted by the state.

"It's time for the Premier to end this nonsense and return feral pest management where it belongs - with the professionals," Mr Shoebridge said.

Media contact: Mark Riboldi 9230 3030 | 0433 753 376

Read more about the campaign win in 2012 here:  http://davidshoebridge.org.au/2012/09/04/thank-you-you-stopped-the-game-council-and-shooters-party/

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