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Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Senator Penny Wright
27 February 2013

Shadow Education Minister Chris Pyne is either ignorant or in denial about the state of public education in Australia, says Australian Greens spokesperson on Schools, Senator Penny Wright.

In an interview on Radio National's Breakfast program this morning about the Gonski school funding reforms, Mr Pyne argued Australia already had a world-class education system for all students, regardless of location, income and school selection.

"This is completely false and it is just baffling how he could make these claims which are so demonstrably false," Senator Wright said.

"An OECD study has shown family wealth is the best indicator of educational achievement in Australia.

"The NAPLAN 2012 National Report again showed students in remote areas were performing significantly below the levels of children attending schools in cities

"And as for school selection, 80 per cent of those who do not meet targets for literacy and numeracy are in government schools.

"We know the Coalition have a habit of ignoring evidence, but for Mr Pyne to claim there is no inequality in our schools is extreme, dangerous and wrong.

"Mr Pyne said the current funding model was not broken, but if you talk to principals, teachers and parents at government schools, they will tell you something completely different.

"For a Shadow Education Minister, Mr Pyne seems to know very little about the real state of education in Australia.

"A Tony Abbott Government would be a huge blow for public education and the Australian Greens are the only party with a real plan to fix our schools by funding the Gonski reforms."

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