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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Coalition totally confused on carbon pricing

Tuesday 26 February 2013

The Coalition's total confusion on carbon pricing is undermining business certainty and jobs in the low carbon economy.

"With Tony Abbott saying no compensation and Joe Hockey saying there would be, businesses are left wondering where the Coalition stands on carbon pricing.  They have a tear-it-down mentality but no viable alternative." Australian Greens leader Senator Christine Milne said.

"After grandstanding around the country about how they are going to repeal carbon pricing Joe Hockey hit a dam wall in Tasmania yesterday by suggesting the Coalition would compensate companies whose business model is negatively impacted by axing carbon pricing. Now Tony Abbott says they won't.

"So will they or won't they compensate businesses? And how is it that when in Tasmania, where the Hydro earns $70 million a year thanks to the clean energy package, Joe Hockey is keen on compensation but once he leaves the state the backflip comes into play.

"Tasmanians will see through such shallow and cynical politics.

"The carbon pricing mechanism is specifically designed to unleash a wave of investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy across the entire economy, from the largest mining companies down to the smallest households.

"To date it is proving successful, in spite of being constantly undermined by Abbott's promise to repeal it. In fact, wind and solar is now cheaper than new coal.

"For Joe Hockey to suggest the Coalition would compensate companies for lost income and stranded assets resulting from a repeal of carbon pricing is laughable. It shows he has little comprehension of the way market-based policies actually work.

"The compensation bill would be astronomical."

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