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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Another Dying with Dignity forum will be held in Ballina

"There is no excuse for leaving someone in pain. That's abuse."  Professor Cartwright

 On February 12, an audience of 150 'baby boomers' listened appreciatively to Professor Colleen Cartwright of Southern Cross University and Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP in the NSW Upper House.

Also present were Coffs Coast Mayor Cr Denise Knight, and Greens Councillors Cr Sally Townley (Coffs Harbour) and Cr Dominic King (Bellingen).

Professor Colleen Cartwright

'She says as we get older most of us fear what we expect to be a terrible process of dying...losing our faculties...and becoming a burden to our families.
But we really have a lot more rights than we know about choosing the way we go.'

More information on Colleen's current research is on the ASLARC website.

Cate spoke of her proposed Rights of the Terminally Ill Bill

"In spite of the availability of the best palliative care, some terminally ill people endure intolerable pain, suffering and loss of dignity at the end of their lives. That's why greater choice for patients at the end of life is so important," said Ms Faehrmann.

"In some of these cases patients indicate to their loved ones and their doctors that they would like to receive assistance to die. At the moment in NSW, such assistance is illegal. 

"My bill would give terminally ill people, under certain circumstances, the right to die a dignified death at a time and place of their own choosing if that is their wish.

"Subject to strict legal safeguards, mentally competent, terminally ill adults should have the right to die with assistance."
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Another Dying with Dignity forum will be held in Ballina

Riverside Function Centre
240 River Street, Ballina NSW
6.30 – 8 pm, Wednesday 13th February 2013
'In Australia’s most comprehensive and long-established survey of attitudes towards aid-in-dying, over 80 percent of those surveyed said they supported allowing restricted and properly regulated assisted dying.
The survey also reveals that politicians who oppose assisted dying law reform will lose many more votes than those who support it, exploding a myth of conventional political wisdom.' yourlastright.com  

The advertisement below, produced by Your Last Right, was banned from television.

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