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Saturday, 12 January 2013

UPDATE: Meeting of concerned Macleay residents, 12 Jan, 2013, Bellbrook Hotel

Macleay River at Bellbrook

Meeting of concerned Macleay residents

12 Jan 2013

Bellbrook Hotel

Front row from the right:  Mayor Liz Campbell, Deputy Mayor Anthony Patterson.  Second row, second man from right is Councillor Bruce Morris. Far right: Carol Vernon from MNC Greens

There is a proposal to transfer contaminated waste, arsenic from antimony mining, from Urunga (DP 874874) to Hillgrove Gold Mine operated by Straits Resources Ltd. This is a concern as there is an existing pollution issue on the Macleay from tailings at Hillgrove.

If you drink the water, fish, canoe, swim or water your stock or garden, from our river, you need to be informed and active!

Arthur Bain addresses the Meeting at Bellbrook Hotel
Over a 100 attended
Over a 100 attended the meeting including the Mayor and Deputy Mayor and councillors of Kempsey Shire.  Bellbrook has a million dollar plus water purification plant to remove arsenic and antimony from its water supply. Prior to the plant's operation water needed to be trucked in by council becuase of the Macleay River's pollution.

The meeting heard about the possible transfer of material from a contaminated Antimony processing site at Urunga to the Hillgrove Mine where material would be processed.

The meeting also heard how the Macleay River is already contaminated by Antimony and Arsenic from mining at Hillgrove and Bakers Creek and has, within the last few years, been further contaminated by rain events where the drainage ponds from the Hillgrove Mine has overflowed into Bakers Creek, then into the Chandler River and Macleay River.  

The meeting was informed about mining exploration near Dorrigo and the possible opening of the Wild Cattle Creeek Mine. Ore from those areas would also be likely to be processed at the Hillgrove Mine located on the edge of the escarpment. 

Another meeting will be organised in Kempsey with further action.

Meanwhile you are urged to email/phone your MP to demonstrate your concern about the reopening of Hillgrove and the processing of material at that high rainfall area site. 

Email the Soil Conservation Service at antimony@scs.nsw.gov.au

The Kempsey Shire Council was urged to place a motion on record demonstrating concern over further development at the Hillgrove Mine. Perhaps Kempsey Shire Council could also liaise with Dumaresq Council?????

Bridge at Bellbrook

Greens MP speaks on the dangers of mining in the headwaters of the Macleay River

MNC Greens Media Release November 9 

 Greens MP and mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham has told the Mid North Coast community that The Greens will bring legislation into the Parliament to give local communities a right to veto mining projects. 

Speaking at a forum on November 8, in Kempsey, where the Macleay River remains under threat from plans for renewed antimony mining Mr Buckingham said, "The Liberal National coalition promised to rule out mining on strategic agricultural land and in our sensitive environmental areas but they have broken their election commitment.

"The Greens will bring forward a Responsible Mining Bill to the parliament to deliver the protections this Government has failed to.

"Areas like the Orara Valley, the Dorrigo Plateau and along the rivers of the Mid North Coast would be no go zones for mining under the bill which recognises that productive agricultural land, sensitive environmental areas and areas around major rivers are not appropriate areas for mining.

"Local councils will also be empowered under the bill to rule out mining through their local environment plans. Communities must have a say in their economic future and it should be up to local residents to decide whether or not they accept mining.

"The NSW Government's Strategic Regional Land Use Policy has failed the Mid North Coast community by not ruling out a single square inch of local productive agricultural land from mining development. 

"The community has reacted and I congratulate locals for picking up on the Lock the Gate model and working together to protect their land from mining developments.

Read more about The Greens Responsible Mining Bill here.

The Macleay River at Bellbrook
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Mining Companies PMR. SOG.  Jiangsu Geology and Engineering (Chinese State owned enterprise http://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20121126/pdf/42bg5nvjqm157r.pdf
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http://minerals.usgs.gov/minerals/pubs/commodity/antimony/mcs-2012-antim.pdf   (US Trends and issues)


Take Action - email the Soil Conservation Service on antimony@scs.nsw.gov.au

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