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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Glenugie CSG protest continues January 15, 2013

 SIX arrested today by10.30pm  
After the huge protest Monday 7th January with the riot squad from Sydney there has been ongoing resistance at the Glenugie blockade! The badly managed drilling and the spillage of toxins on farming land means local heroes are stepping up every day on the front line...this corrupt model of pillaging natural resources has brought out the 'Simmo' in all the decent, peaceful folk from far and wide. Good on ya 'Simmos'!   
Comment by one of our members
Today: Glenugie farmers locked-on to their own truck, blocking access at Metgasco's CSG mining site.

Cattle fencing erected by local farmers

Various Comments

It is now 51+ days into this campaign to prevent exploratory drilling in this beautiful valley.

Tuesday - 15 January 2013 - Two local farmers are "locked on" to their ute parked in Metgasco driveway.

Tuesday - 15 January 2013 - Metgasco continue to drill - the original well pad has proven to be "difficult", as in they hit rock and the drill refused to go through. Now drilling in a second spot, with no well head. Currently on the 3rd day of driling.

Chemicals and equipment continue to arrive at Glenugie as this madness continues.

Link to Stop CSG! Illawarra site-  Abuse of power pure and simple

Images from Glenugie, January 7, 2013

CSG Protest at Glenugie 17/01


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