Premier Barry O'Farrell's axing of six clean energy schemes will do almost nothing to alleviate household electricity bills, according Greens NSW MP John Kaye.
Dr Kaye said: "Apart from the carbon price, all other green schemes have added only $76 a year to the average household power bill over the past five years, compared to a massive $654 from gold plating the wires and poles.
"Barry O'Farrell keeps these figures well hidden because they show that the knife he is taking to the energy efficiency and renewable energy schemes is really focused on destroying the green industries, not taking the pressure off households.
"Just like the misleading statements on power bills about the impacts of the carbon price, the O'Farrell government is living the Tony Abbott myth that reducing greenhouse gas emissions will cripple household budgets. 
"Far from rendering the state green schemes redundant, the carbon price makes them much more effective.
"The additional effort from the state government was helping NSW businesses and households reduce their electricity consumption and bring down costs for themselves and for the rest of the community.
"The Energy Savings Action Plans focused industry on using electricity more efficiently and cutting waste. Dumping the scheme is a nice gift to the Coalition's friends in big business but it is bad news for the environment.
"The Premier is trying to shift the blame away from state's transmission and distribution authorities. The Coalition failed in its first 19 months in office to reign in the excessive infrastructure spending that is the real culprit for rising power bills. Now they are trying to pretend that axing the green schemes will take the pressure off households.
"The Nationals and Liberals have conducted a war against renewable energy. The Draft Wind Energy planning guidelines and the Renewable Energy Action Plan have shattered public confidence in the future of carbon-free electricity generation in this state.
"This is the next step in driving the wind and solar industries out of the state. 
"The Premier's posturing is great news for the coal industry and for the coal-powered generators that the Coalition is trying to privatise but in the long run it will only drive up household bills, squander job opportunities and grow the state's contribution to climate chaos," Dr Kaye said.